Hello, Welcome to Orchard Rose Boxers & Bulldogs. Hosted and Run and Maintained by Anne & Bill Carney

We are based in North Lincolnshire

Telephone 01724 629929     Mobile 07891 551 444

Email billcarneyuk@hotmail.com

Bill and Anne Carney have been keeping and breeding pedigree Boxer Dogs and in latter years Bulldogs as family pets for over 30 years and are dedicated to a continuing programme of careful and selective breeding of dogs that are healthy and have the right temperament for family pets and long healthy lives.

We are not a ‘kennel’ or ‘professional breeders’ in the puppy breeding business. we are both retired health care professionals.

We are responsible owners who breed each dog we keep only twice in their life time. We have many owners around the country, and indeed around the world, who have bought our puppies and are delighted with their companion and family pet.

We were one of the founding members of Kennel Club assured Breeders Scheme and subscribe to the scheme standards. We have recently been inspected by the Kennel Club and are proud to say we passed all aspects of the inspection with no problems, faults or recommendations.


PLEASE BE ADVISED!  We breed for the betterment of the Bulldog breed, concentrating on breeding as close to the standard for the Breed as possible.  We breed to preserve bloodlines that have proven to produce quality Bulldogs with the least amount of health issues as family pets.  We love this breed and will never sell to any party without first meeting a prospective owner in person and making sure they understand the responsibilities of owning a Bulldog.  We DO NOT SHIP, nor sell to anyone “sight unseen”!  However, we will personally hand  your puppy to you, and fully support you.

30+ years of experience with the love and care of the Bull breeds, Bulldogs and Boxers.  We breed for health and temperament!  We own, breed and raise only quality KC registered Bulldogs!


Bill  & Anne  Carney